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Additional Services for Manicures

Gel Polish - Long lasting LED curing polish
Extending Massage
(5 min) $5+
Classic Manicure

Includes nail shaping, cuticle cleaninq vitamin E Suaar Scrub and a light hand massage with A Lavender hand protection crème with zinc OVide that Will soothe your hands and calm your Skin as it protects it from the damages of the sun and environment

Anti - Aging Manicure

Turn back the hands of time with this ultra intense hydrating treatment. Hands are soaked with a deep dermal transforming  wrap infused with an antioxidant Parrafin Wax that will aid in the regeneration of skin’s appearance, reducing fine lines and wrinkles. To follow is a creme infused massage that will leave your hands silky soft inside and out.


Classic Pedicure

 Relax while we trim, shape, and clean your cuticles away. This pedicure also comes  with a light Callus Smoothing, Vitamin E  Sugar Scrub and Feet Only Massage using our moisturizing lotion.


 Delight in this deluxe pedi which includes Callus Smoothing, Leg Massage, Exfoliation, plus the added benefits of a deep dermal Hot towel wrap for some great moisture! [Tangerine] [Cucumber] [Olive]


 Relaxing & Fun! The Ultimate Jelly Bath Spa Pedicure experience for relaxation  using heat and aroma therapy which soothes aching joints and muscles. Includes Essential Oil Scrub and dermal Hot Towel wrap along with desired oil scented massage.  [Rose] [Cannabis] [Citrus] [Peppermint]

Ice Dancer

A cooling Eucalyptus Scrub, and Ice Dancer cooling gel will be applied from knees to ankles, perfect for those who are always on their feet. This pedicure is completed with Hot Stone, Lavender Paraffin Wax and then an extended massage that will leave you feeling AAAHHHH

On the Go

Need a pedicure but short on time? Allow us to speed you out and refresh your toes with this mini pedicure. Relax while we cut, shape, clean your cuticles, slight callus work, moisturize, polish your toes, and send you on your way. This pedicure does NOT include massage

All Pedicures comes with Regular Polish

Gel Polish take off/ added on
$20/ $15
Big Toe Acrylic Put on / Fill in
$10/ $5/ Toe

Acrylic (includes shaping and gel polish)

Overlay - Applying Acrylic onto natural nail
Full Set - Extended artificial nails using tips
Fill In - Rebalancing nails from the new growth
Pink & White - French design using powder
P&W Fill in - Rebalancing the pink or nude only
Sculpture – using nail forms to build length

Dip Powder System – No Fill ins (Must soak off each time)

Natural Nails Overlay
Full Set - extended artificial nails using tips

Hard Gel (includes shape & gel polish)

Overlay w/ Gel Polish - Applied onto natural nails only
Fill in - Rebalancing nails from the new growth

Gel X System (Long Lasting Press On Nails)

Full Set w/ Gel Polish - Extended artificial nails using Full Tip
Rebalancing GelX

Additional Services

Acrylic/ Gel Repair
$5 / $3
Changing Shape
Acrylic / Hard Gel Removal w/ Service
removal w/o Service
Regular Polish Only Nail Shaping (Hands/ Toe)
Nail Design (Half nail/ Full Nail)
$5 / 10+
Ombre Design/ Effect
Swarovski Crystals
$5 / $10+
French Tips


Manicure (12 yrs old or younger)

 Includes nail shaping, cuticle cleaning and a light hand massage with a lavender hand  creme. Nail biting polish can be applied if desired or choice of color polish with 2 nail art.

Pedicure (12 yrs old or younger)

Classic pedicure includes nail shaping, cuticle cleaning, sugar scrub and a light  feet massage. Choice of color polish and free 2 big toe nail art.

Polish Only (12 yrs old or younger)

Regular Polish (Hands/ Toes)
$10/ $10
Gel Polish (Hands/ Toes)


* All prices are based on short length any addition to it will be upcharge. Please consult with your Nail Tech for anymore questions,

* Salon Warranty: Any gel polish/ dipped powder chipped within 3 business days may be fixed with no charge.

* Nail Art designs that isn’t made during the appointment will be charge additional $10 if it runs into the next appointment.

(Minimum $10 on credit cards!)